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So here comes the imperfection, the flaw, the negative. All these time I have been searching.

Guess it’s time I take a step back and pick up my life again.

What are promises?

Slow it down

I think I am one of those rare souls who think that work > school. But I am not saying work is 100% enjoyable nor do I think it’s a bed of roses. I like the process of meeting new people, to venture into the unknown, to have sth new to deal with on a regular basis. The best part about being a working adult would be the absolute freedom after work. Work is just a part of life; it doesn’t consume the entire life (unlike school).

Feeling a little reflective tonight and I think I need to slow down a little, to really make time and effort to reconnect with everyone again. I am just trying to squeeze everything onto my plate. Not doing a fantastic job by far, I know. This is sth I have to improve on, so not to lose myself and of course, the precious people around me. 

It’s been 3 months. Time heals but it’s never a measure of sadness. To get over someone and to push that portion of memories to somewhere far behind, to me, is a decision. It is a decision I made, so that I can move on. I finally packed those things of us away. I also made up my mind to never find you again. Sometimes I still find this whole episode beyond ridiculous, like how we can turn from lovers to complete strangers. Love/Relationship is the strangest thing ever. But I still hold on to my belief, that everything happens for a reason. I wish the best for you, for you to find that special someone who is right for you (tho you never believed in that concept). Perhaps one day you will just decide to settle with someone, but that wouldn’t matter to me anymore. At the end of it all, I just want to thank you for the last time, for that bittersweet 2+ years. Sometimes it’s the right person at the wrong time, sometimes certain people are just not meant to be with you for life. It was fate that brought us together and it’s destiny that eventually tears us apart. I don’t regret anything. At this point, I no longer need a proper closure. I guess this is the final goodbye.

And You. It’s pretty amazing, beyond words can describe. Thank you for inspiring me and making me feel alive again.


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